Buddha - the human form of Amida-Kannon who "replaced the imposter sitting on God's throne" - Gandhi

Amida-Kannon came to the human realm in the form of Buddha around 600 BCE. What's unique about the Buddha is that the world's oldest extant scriptures and archaeology in all museums of the world show Buddha as the only Divinity to be worshiped by all other gods - including Brahma the creator and Indra Lord of the elements. Born of immaculate conception, the Buddha's first words were "I am superior to all gods" which is why all statues of Buddha, His eternal form Amida and His all-powerful form Kannon are the tallest in the world. The National Emblem of India has 4 lions back-to-back to show that "all gods, humans and beings in all 4 directions bow in worship before Shakya the Lion".   When we elevate Buddha above all others we uphold Buddha's qualities of Compassion and Love above all other distractions. While on earth, Buddha performed more miracles than any other being in history including walking on water, flying through space, diving in and out of the earth, appearing and disappearing at will, controlling the elements, raising the dead, resurrecting 3 times before 500 witnesses and ascending to heaven. Interestingly enough, Buddha is the only God-man whose relics have been authenticated by many museums thus proving He actually existed.


Despite His numerous supernatural attributes, Lord Buddha wanted us to focus on His message. Buddha was the first to say God is Love and like a Heavenly Father as opposed to a tyranical despot. Buddha was also the first to say that God must act like a role-model which why only the Buddhist God Amida-Kannon is seen as being the embodiment of good karma that we can all emulate while other gods in scriptures clearly say & do things we would find objectionable. Buddha was also the first and only Savior to stand up for equal rights of women, slaves, animals, lgbt and science by even refusing to put forth a creation myth that would go against evolution. Buddha is also the only Divinity who never commanded violence against non-believers but only allowed self-defense. Buddha also spoke of reform of criminals and in the words of German expert in comparative religion Max Muller " Buddha had the most perfect moral code the world has ever seen". Buddha is usually worshiped in His eternal form Amida and Buddha's highest teaching is the Lotus Sutra and Amida Sutra which combine into one mantra:  Namo Amida Kannon!


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