Kannon is the Highest Divinity that also personifies Hope & the Law of Attraction.

Scholars often point out that when one studies all religious texts, the only truly Almighty, All-merciful and All-moral God with perfect Karma is Kannon (Avalokiteshwara/ Guan Yin in Mahayana and "Natha" or Lord of the Universe in Theravada). There are more miracles associated with Kannon than any other god which is why there are more ancient temples and museum artworks dedicated to Kannon than any other Being. The most widely visited house of worship in the world is Tokyo's Sensoji Kannon Temple with over 30 million visitors annually and the first temple in Japan built by Prince Shotoku - Shitennoji is dedicated to Kannon as are the biggest attractions of Kyoto - Rengeo-in and Kiyamizu-dera. In all Buddhist nations from Japan and China to Thailand and Tibet, Kannon is the most powerful and popular Divinity by far and is even featured prominently in Sri Lanka's biggest temples Gangaramaya and Kelaniya.  There are more depictions of Kannon in Indian museums than any other deity -- for Kannon was the God of India's golden age even seen in the iconic Ajanta Caves and Nalanda.  The oldest Buddhist texts Mahavastu state that God Himself took the form of Kannon often called "Mahasattva Bodhisattva" as a Supreme role-model for us all and yet as per the King of scriptures, the Lotus Sutra Kannon mastered "peerless enlightenment eons ago" and is the "Lord & Savior of not just humans but also all gods". Even the greatest ever Samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi whose "Book of 5 Rings" is a classic on war strategy and who won a record 60 battles wrote that he would prostrate before Kannon as did Japan's beloved Prince Shotoku. Further, the most influential zenmaster of the last 500 years Hakuin Zenji said Kannon meditation led to enightenment.


The Lotus Sutra and Amida addendum are the most influential teachings of Buddha and as a result Kannon and Amida who are glorified in both are the most important deities in Buddhism - each seen as an emanation of the other - such as Lord (Kannon) and Savior (Amida).  The Lotus Sutra says chanting Namo Kannon "even once is more powerful than worshipping trillion Gods and Buddhas for one's entire life" and the Amida Sutra says Kannon's 'halo radiates the power of countless Gods and Buddhas'. Kannon is the very embodiment of Fearlessness, Virtue and Compassion and by venerating Kannon we inculcate such noble traits within ourselves. Kannon also embodies the Law of Attraction or Lady Luck herself and by praying to Kannon  we attract the right people and opportunities into our lives to help us manifest our dreams for Kannon can assume the form of any being - of any gender & ethnicity to assist us. Furthermore, Kannon is seen not just as the God of Israel but the God that exists in all directions for the salvation of all peoples which is why Kannon is pluralistic and is often depicted with countless arms to answer all prayers which is also symbolic of each of us being like a "hand of Kannon" to go about serving all sentient beings.  Britannica Encyclopedia states Kannon is the Creator of the World and all elements and deities including Brahma, Indra, Shiva, Saraswati & Tara (Karandavyuha Sutra) and the Amida Sutra says visualizing and meditating on Kannon has endless benefits.  When we meditate on Kannon we align our own inner power with the highest power of Divinity and Positive Consciousness. Kannon also represents hope against all odds and calm in the face of life's storms. Further, worshiping Kannon helps us overcome our own ego and embrace that which is beyond our control. Just do your best and leave to Kannon the rest.


Kannon's meditation mantras are Namo Kannon/ Namo Kanzeon/ Namo Kanjizai in Japan and Namo Kuan Yin/ Namo Guan Shi Yin/ Namo Kun Yam in China and in Sanskrit Namo Ava-loki-tesh-vara (ya) and Om Mani Padme Hum.  In Japan the saying goes that anyone who prays to Kannon never walks alone for Kannon is always with you and will do what is right for you like the Invisible Hand that comes to your rescue as serendipity. When you meditate on Kannon your life is filled with positive energy and providence and you witness "divine coincidences" that help your life's purpose be fulfilled and your dreams come true.


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