"Buddhism is the Religion of the Future" - Einstein

Doctors have confirmed that of all the spiritual practices, meditation is by far the most effective in terms of proven benefits. The PEW Forum states that today the majority of people are no longer blindly following the religions they were born into but instead 65% of Americans are turning to Buddhist practices such as karma, meditation, yoga and martial arts. Buddhism is also the fastest growing religion in Europe and among Europeans proving Einstein right when he predicted Buddhism to be the "religion of the future'.

The new generation today is moving away from organized religion but still wanting to be spiritual. Increasingly they are realizing that most of us are in fact already Buddhist but have just not recognized it yet. For Buddhism is the ONLY religion that stands for evolution and science, equal rights for women, animals, LGBT, lower-castes and people with disabilities; the ONLY religion of peace that does not advocate war against non-believers and was not spread by violence; the ONLY religion that actually has an Almighty and All-moral God that is also a role-model as in Kannon and the first religion to offer free salvation to everyone via Amida - that too without any blood sacrifice or crucifixion. This is why Einstein said that "if there was any religion that could cope with modern scientific advancement it would be Buddhism" and Carl Jung said "as a student of comparative religion I believe Buddhism is the most perfect religion the world has ever known - the doctrine of Karma and evolution are far superior to any other creed". Even today the world's greatest icons from sports legends Tiger Woods and Phil Jackson (coach to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan) to civil rights icons Mahatma Gandhi and Rosa Parks; from stars like Tina Turner and Orlando Bloom to visionaries like Steve Jobs of Apple and George Lucas credit Buddhism for their success.


In Buddhism we are NOT "born in sin" and do not inherit the sins of our ancestors. We are not to blame for what others may have done and no one else can "pay the price for our sins". Instead we are in charge of our destiny and we take responsibility for our own Karma. When we align our own inner power with the Highest Power, we are filled with positive energy that allows our inner potential to flourish and our dreams to come true by attracting the right people and opportunities via the Law of Attraction. We all have the Buddha particle within us but it is often obscured by negativity and distractions. By meditating we remove all negative energy and allow our inner GPS to steer us in the right direction, make the right decisions and start really finding our purpose and mission in life. As the Higher Power is abstract and limitless like the ocean, we ascribe to it different forms and archetypes to help us focus our mind in meditation via audio mantras and visual imagery.


Science meets Spirituality

The Lotus sutra is the most important scripture in Buddhism and any mantras from it are the most powerful meditation tools. Chapter 25 honors Kannon and Amida who are the most popular Divinities in Japan although all protective forces assist those who devote themselves to the King of all scriptures.